Local Media Construction in Coverage of News on Global Climate: A Study on the Coverage of the 13th and 15th UNFCCC in Two Indonesian Daily Newspapers

Author: Billy K. Sarwono.


No single country in the world is immune to the impacts of global warming, and one of measures taken at the global level is to conduct UNFCCC.  An interesting subject to study is how local media present information on UNFCCC while still taking into account the local interests.  Data collection for this study was done through a framing analysis on the coverage of the 13th and 15th UNFCCC, supported by in-depth interview to learn about the underlining construction.  The analysis shows that news construction on UNFCCC tends to reflect the interests of the elite community group and sacrifice the interests of those without power.

This paper has been published by Journalism and Research Education (J&RE) Section – On-Line Journal, International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR) , ISBN 978-0-6464704-5-0 .  http://isaleh.uct.ac.za/JREpast.html .